Connector holder

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Introducing our innovative Wire Holders, designed to keep your harness securely in place next to your whip, ensuring a hassle-free and uninterrupted experience. We offer two versatile versions to suit your specific needs:

  1. Bolt-On Wire Holder: Secure your wiring with confidence using our Bolt-On Wire Holder. This version attaches seamlessly under your whip, providing a sturdy and dependable solution to prevent accidental unplugging or unwanted disconnections. Its durable construction ensures long-lasting reliability, even in demanding conditions. Say goodbye to frustrating disruptions and maintain a smooth, uninterrupted operation with our Bolt-On Wire Holder.

  2. Slide-On Wire Holder: For a quick and effortless solution, choose our Slide-On Wire Holder. This compact accessory easily slips onto the whip itself, offering a convenient way to keep your harness in place. The Slide-On Wire Holder is perfect for situations where you need flexibility and speed in securing your wiring. Its sleek design ensures a snug fit without compromising your whip's functionality. Keep your connections intact and enjoy peace of mind with the Slide-On Wire Holder.